About us

 Following the university presidents meeting held on November 11th 2005 in Hyogo prefecture, Hyogo-Kobe University Consortium (Precursor of the Consortium of Universities in Hyogo) was established on June 12th 2006.

 Our mission is to improve the educational environment and research activities at the universities, through close cooperation with local governments and industries that contribute to regional prosperity and development.

 In the spirit of internationalism, we strive to build on the strengths of Hyogo and Kobe. At the same time we respect the autonomy of each university, and the activities of other consortiums in the region.

 Our consortium consists of 4 committees (the International Exchange Committee, University Student Exchange Committee, Training and Exchanging Committee and Educational Cooperation Committee), and as of April 1st 2016, our membership includes 33 universities, 7 colleges and 1 national institute of technology.



 -Establishment of Hyogo-Kobe University Consortium (Precursor of the Consortium of Universities in Hyogo)
 -Affiliation to All Japan Universities Consortium


 -Faculty and Staff Development seminars (FD・SD seminars) started.
 -Internship Abroad Program and University Student Project Plan Competition started.


 -The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-led supporting project for strategic university cooperation started. (Until 2010.)


 -Credit Transfer system started.


 -5th anniversary Celebration


 -Affiliation to Global Human Resource Development Committee of Kansai Economic Federation


 -Conclusion of agreement with Japan Student Services Organization


 -Establishment of the Consortium of Universities in Hyogo (as a General Incorporated Association)


International Exchange Committee


 To foster global human resources in Kobe, the cosmopolitan city where our consortium is based.

1. Study Abroad Program

 This program originates from The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-led supporting program for strategic university cooperation, which carried out from 2008 to 2010. The program aimed at wider cooperation of universities, by establishing international and domestic programs that promote students’ active learning. The consortium succeeded and develops this program from 2011, as part of the International Exchange Committee’s core business.
 The program is divided into three different phases that take place in and outside Japan. In each phase, students’ English level and interests are taken into consideration.
 Phase I :Cross-cultural experience program
 Phase II:Fieldwork program
 Phase III:Overseas internship program

2. International student support program

 We support international students wishing to work in Japan, by organizing “Hyogo international student internship program” and other job search assistance programs.

University Student Exchange Committee


 To promote student exchange, social participation and volunteer activities. We believe that this enhances student life and brings out their abilities.


1. Student volunteering program for the Great East Japan Earthquake victims

 This program was established in the aftermath of the Great East Japan earthquake that occurred on March 11th 2011. Keeping in mind the experiences of the Great-Hanshin Awaji Earthquake that occurred in April 17th 1995, we have visited the affected areas several times to support them. Our activities are currently on-going.

2. Student-led Projects (Kids Festival)

 With the purpose of promoting the exchanges between children and students, students themselves carry out all the planning, management and operation for the festival.

3. Training program for student volunteers of disaster prevention and post-disaster recovery

 To cultivate student volunteers who have a wide knowledge of post-disaster recovery, and take action independently.

Training and Exchange Committee


 To provide various training for professors and staff, aiming at the improvement of their capacity, cooperation, and collaboration with local companies.


 1. Workshops for professors and staff
 2. Faculty and Staff Development seminars
  (FD・SD seminars)

Educational Cooperation Committee


 To promote high school-university and inter-university collaboration in Hyogo Prefecture, targeting efficient educational resource use and synergistic effects.
 We believe that this contributes to the enforcement of students’ motivation for learning and knowledge. Credit Transfer system also encourages and gives them opportunities to jump across university boundaries, and to participate in the Consortium’s programs more actively.


Credit Transfer system

 This system is operated based on the agreement among universities, mainly for the summer intensive courses, and the Study Abroad Program of International Exchange Committee.


The Consortium of Universities in Hyogo

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