Ask Us Anything -
Consultation Session for International Studentsについて

Dear All International Students:

It is a consultation session targeting international students in Japan. We welcome you to join us and discuss any issues concerning your academic life, career opportunities, job-hunting in Japan, etc. As the title says, you can ASK US ANYTHING. 

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The contents of event are as follows:

16:00-16:05 - Opening words
16:05-16:35 - Speakers' guidance
16:35-17:05 - Q&A
17:05-17:25 - Breakout rooms
17:25-17:30 - Concluding words


  1. Date:Saturday, 24th October 16:00~17:30
  2. Venue:Online Webinar (Zoom)
  3. Language:English
  4. Participants:International Students(participation limit: 30 people)
  5. For sign-up:Fill out required information into the online form.
  6. Deadline: Thursday, 22th October

Ask Us Anything - Consultation Session for International Students

This is the signup form/ participant survey for the Career Seminar held between MSA and the Consortium of Universities in Hyogo.

Please fill up this form if you wish to attend because we want to get an idea of the types of people who are attending as well as the types of questions people have. Inputting your questions will influence the content of the lectures and have a much higher chance of being addressed than if you just ask them at the event itself.

These are the details of the event:

Date and time: 26th September (Sat) afternoon – tentative start at 15:00 (and end at 16:30)
Format: Online Webinar (Zoom)
Language: English

Program (tentative):

15:00-15:05 - Opening words
15:05-15:35 - Speakers' guidance
15:35-16:05 - Q&A
16:05-16:25 - Breakout rooms
16:25-16:30 - Concluding words

※各項目は全て「記入必須」です。 All items are required for entry.

Name in kanji or alphabet
first name

middle name

last name
男性 Male 
女性 Female
その他 Other  
回答しない Do not answer 
Please write down the reason for the application.
Your questions!
Use the area below to write questions or doubts that you have about job-hunting / your career in Japan. Please try to make them as *specific* and *detailed* as possible. This will guide the focus of the lectures during the day itself.

※Personal information you provided will be used to respond to your inquires or questions and to provide you more information from the Consortium of Universities in Hyogo. Thank you for your understanding.